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The new Sales Enablement platforms are the perfect solution for companies on the way to or finishing the transformation of their sales teams. The main goal is to improve processes to power productivity and competitiveness.

They are a tool to give your team the best means and materials to close sales. The key to this success involves two points: knowing what the buyer needs and presenting it in the most effective way.


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CatalogPlayer is a Sales Enablement platform that benefits all the departments involved in the sales process: Management, Marketing, and Sales.

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It is easy to integrate in modern corporate sales and management systems (ERP, CRM, e-Commerce), boosting rollout and use.

It unleashes the power of the brand and product with a digital solution you can tap to always show current catalogs with value-added content optimized for each customer.

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Gives you direct feedback from the customer on a series of metrics obtained from its use and touchpoints with the content uploaded to the platform.

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We help you in the sales and implementation process

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Maintenance fee in line with the plan chosen by the customer

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Integrates with ERP and CRM systems for order management

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