ERP product data is inserted in e-commerce and website orders logged in the ERP

Product especially geared to streamlining the most impactful aspects of the online sales process in firms of any size and in any industry.

b2b procurement extranet

Channels all of a company’s sales and marketing information toward the direct customer or distributor from a single point and with automatic reporting.

General Features:

Graphic Customization

Interface styles can be pivoted to the corporate image.

Multi-device Experience

The responsive design drives access across any device: computers, tablets, smartphones.

Unlimited Users

Geared to success. You pay according to orders placed, with no buyer limit.

Segmented Catalog

Makes it possible to craft general catalogs and target them at segmenting the offer by customer type or sales cycle.

Tailored Customization

Enables feature evolutions to better adapt to your business needs.

Private access

Customer credentials for access to their area.

Prices and Conditions

Prices, discounts, and conditions equivalent to the ones available for the commercial user are implemented in the customer area.

Custom Contents

Customers will only have access to the catalogs and portfolio they have permission to.


Option for the customer to share information with third parties to obtain traceability.

Purchase History

Customers can check their purchase history and even repeat replenishment orders.


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