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The Most Comprehensive Sales Enablement Platform

Sales teams spend around 25% of their time looking for customer-ready material. However, the content is either dispersed or lost in silos. A comprehensive Sales Enablement platform cuts this time to minutes and can help sellers massively step up new customer conversions and active customer sales.

Comprehensive Suite to Unleash the Power of Digitized Sales and Marketing Communications

CatalogPlayer harnesses a company’s ability to manage its content, to guide, empower, and train sellers, and to engage buyers across the sales process.

Our Sales Enablement tool is the key to digitizing the sales process and powering business productivity.

Smart business communication

Increased productivity of the sales team

Decision-making metrics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to the sales process

The increased sales cycle

Companies use CatalogPlayer as a
tool to activate their strategy and digital transformation

Managing content

Guiding sellers

Improving onboarding of onboarding

Continuously training their teams

Involving clients

based on


a) A unique technological platform

• Digitized sales communication • Remote login for sellers
• Integration with leading market CRMs
• A systems-integrated company solution
• Metrics across all process phases

b) End-to-End Sales Optimization

• Meaningful customer communications
• Stepped-up marketing/sales coordination
• Improved brand image
• Reduced administrative task times
• Detection of best practices to use as examples
• Easy handling by sales team


We help companies scale up the impact of their B2B teams (the people who have physical or virtual touchpoints with customers):

CatalogPlayer offers smart content management, contextual targeting, intuitive capacity-building, data-based training, and customer engagement in the process, all backed by a powerful analytics module for continuous learning.


Integrations with leading CRMs:

What are the Benefits of the CatalogPlayer Sales Enablement Suite?

Complete Sales Cycle

It allows a continuous end-to-end relationship of the business chain.


Differentiated and personalized experience

A differentiated proposal for your clients not only in the offering, but especially in the commercial experience itself.

Business empowerment

Training of the sales force to access all the commercial information when you need it.

Extension of the relationship

New digital channels beyond the physical commercial relationship.


Ability to visualize all the commercial experiences made by the sales force and the client.

Marketing content

Own maintenance of the entire platform in an agile, usable and cloud environment.

Corporate business information

Ability to integrate corporate platforms in a single application to guide them to the most relevant business moment: sales!

Segmented and aligned speech

Better adapt communication, understand the use of content by the sales team, and the interaction of the client with it implies an increase in the conversion of new clients.

Onboarding and training

New salespeople are productive much faster, and the entire team has ongoing information and training on best business practices.

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